Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tekhni Wovens Ceres Chai review

Wrap brand: Tekhni Wovens
Type: Ceres
Colorway: Chai
Material: 55% cotton, 45% Tussah silk
Size: 3 - 3.1 meters
Thickness: Medium - thick. 

Well, what do we have here?

I got the Ceres Chai as a tester. My first thought when unpacking it: 'oh, that's a shortie!'. Yup, a size 3. My go to size is a 5 or 6, so I was slightly intimidated. Understatement of the year. ;)

And the color. Wow! It truly has the color of a Chai Tea Latte. No kidding. It does. And it has a nice shine to it, too. Plus, the latte colored silk in the wrap, complements the skin tone that comes with being a natural redhead. Win win!

Wrapping qualities

There had been a couple of testers before me, so it was already on its way to being broken in. Since I'm a Ceres girl, I'm used to wrapping with a thicker wrap and actually prefer it. The wrap felt soft to me. You have to work a bit to wrap with it, but that is the charm of Ceres. Added bonus: it is rock solid. Even as a shortie. Plus, it will get buttery soft with use. I'm sure.

Getting a size 3 as a tester forced me to try different carries. And I did. This Ceres Chai size 3 made me love shorties and made me try different back carries. Thank. You. Chai!

It truly rocks a ruck and a short back cross carry with a candy cane chestbelt. 

Happy shoulders: yes. I did need to sandwich the shoulder passes, but then again, I have picky shoulders. 

Newborn or Toddler

I'd say both. It's sturdy. :)

But, uhm, wait, it's silk! As in - high maintenance!

Well, you'd say so, but I have checked with Tekhni and you can actually throw this baby in the washer. Delicate cycle, low spin. And you'll be fine. Thank you Tekhni for weaving a silk wrap you can actually use as a beater wrap!

So, keep or sell/trade

Keep. Keep. Keep.

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