Monday, October 6, 2014

Poe Wovens Herringbone Merlot review

Wrap brand: Poe Wovens
Type: Herringbone
Colorway: Merlot
Material: 100% cotton
Size: 6 - 4.7 meters 
Thickness: Medium. 

Well, what do we have here?

I got this wrap as a tester (yay!), so it was already broken in when it arrived. That's probably why it was so soft when I opened the package. Classy color. Reminds me of tweed. And chilly autumn days in Great Britain. Long hikes in the woods. And game for supper. It felt thinner than most of my other wraps (I'm a thick wrap kind of girl), but not too thin.

Seeing how classy this wrap is, I obviously took it to IKEA. Ha!

Wrapping qualities

This wrap wraps itself. Rock solid Double Hammock within minutes. Passes glide into place. This would be an amazing wrap for beginner wrappers. The same goes for experienced wrappers, because it's a great wrap to try out new carries. So so easy to wrap with. And for being a size 6, it doesn't feel like you're wrapping with a whole bunch of fabric. 

As for happy shoulders: yes, when I sandwich the shoulder passes. I have picky shoulders, but I wouldn't pick this wrap for long hikes. Even sandwiched, I did feel some dig after an hour. That being said - this would not keep me from purchasing this wrap. It's a permastash kind of wrap. That makes it so easy to wrap when you're in a hurry. 

Newborn or Toddler

Both. Definitely both. It is thin enough to not eat up a tiny baby, but (in layered carries) sturdy enough to carry the big guys and girls. :) 

So, keep or sell/trade

Keep. This wrap has permastash written all over it. However, if you have picky shoulders and are wrapping a bigger kid - sandwiching the shoulders is a must.

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