Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tekhni Limoncello Meandros - Guest review by Tamara

Tamara was kind enough to help me out with a guest review. I often find myself browsing the internet for wrap reviews, but never seem to be able to find a solid database of reviews. I hope that I - with the help of lovely guest reviewers like Tamara - am able to build such a database. Ambitious much? ;)

Well, Tamara, here you go! Your baby is adorable!

Tekhni Meandros Limoncello with Repreve

Release Date: 08/07/2014

Size of Reviewed Wrap: 6 (4.6m)

Age/Size of wrappee: 14 weeks, 16.4lbs.

Blend: 55% Cotton, 45% Repreve
Weight: 280gsm

I can imagine wearing this wrap right now, in the hot summer months, standing at a county fair in the southern United States.  I’m eating cold strawberry ice-cream out of a still-warm waffle cone.  My baby boy is gurgling happily, wrapped in this shimmery, sunny fabric.  The moment is fresh, happy, joyous.

Meandros Limoncello is sunshine.  It’s shimmery.  It’s the perfect, buttery, lush shade of yellow.  It has a wonderfully soft feel in hand.  I am happy when I wrap my baby in this lovely, functional piece of art.

I feel like the wrap was pretty well broken in after the first wash. I ran it through a gentle cycle, then tumble dried on low with two damp towels and several tennis-balls tied up in tube socks for about an hour.  It came out and got a low iron, and then we tried it on.  

It has enough diagonal stretch after the first wash to be easily tightened.  It’s lovely and pliable.  The weave is airy.  I live in the heart of Texas and now, in late August, the summer is really kicking into gear.  We are always warmer when we wrap, but Limoncello was comfortable and breathable enough that my son enjoyed a walk outside in the almost noon-day sun. The classic Meandros pattern gives it grip, but it still glides easily.  It feels lovely on my shoulders.  It doesn’t seem high maintenance - it wasn’t wrinkled when we took it off.  It’s light color doesn’t attract grime like you’d think, with grubby little boy hands. 

I feel that this wrap would shine for both new wrappers and very experienced ones, and also for mamas with tiny babies as well as those with toddlers. 
Tamara Tomko


  1. Would love to try a Meandros! I have only tried Olympos and Arche with repreve so far. Can you compare Meandros to Olympos? What are the main differences?

    1. I haven't tried Meandros myself: Tamara guest reviewed for me. I believe I read Meandros is slightly thinner than Olympos. :)

    2. Yes!! She didn't mention if it was olympos cotton or olympos repreve that she tried. But meandros is thinner, lighter, airier, less grippy and textured than olympos. All the benefits of repreve are the same, IF she's using repreve, obviously. It's an overall thinner and less cumbersome version of olympos.

    3. That is Adrienne's response - Tekhni expert. :)