Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tekhni Ceres Coastal with Repreve - review

Wrap brand: Tekhni Wovens
Type: Ceres
Colorway: Coastal
Material: 55% cotton, 45% repreve
Size: 6 - 4.6 meters / 15,1 ft
Width: 73 cm / 29 inches
Thickness: Medium - thick

Well, hello Repreve

Yes, I know, I know. The Repreve hype is controversial. 

Well, bring out the pitch forks. I love Repreve. I already loved it in my Patagonia running gear, but I absolutely adore it in baby wraps. And I honestly don't care what the Repreve hating half of the babywearing community thinks about it. Ha! ;)

I bought the Ceres Coastal wrap by Tekhni Wovens through the Talk about Tekhni Facebook group. Bought it from a very friendly momma in Germany and was pleasantly surprised the moment I had this wrap in my hands. It feels like wool. But it doesn't have the itchiness wool gives me. I have very sensitive skin, so wool doesn't work. But thanks to the repreve in this wrap I can now enjoy all the advantages of wool, without the irritation on my skin. It truly keeps you cooler when it's hot - less sweating: Yay! - and warm when it's colder outside. Whether you like repreve or not - it's really up to personal opinion. I'm a fan an can only recommend trying a wrap with repreve, and decide for yourself whether or not repreve is for you. 

Wrapping qualities

As for the wrap. It's grippy, textured and stretchy. Very easy to wrap with and slide the passes into place. It's not a thin wrap. I'd say it's medium to thick. Which I like. If you're into thin wraps, this wraps is not for you. It is airy and light, though. It does not feel like wrapping a blanket, like some thicker wraps do. 

Once it's wrapped and in place, it does have some (just a bit, nothing major) bounce. In my opinion. It's not rock solid like my Cari Slings Eq Burchelli, but because the wrap is so soft and cushy the bit of bounce does not bother me. My shoulders are happy. :) As is Baby Q. This wrap comes with sleepy dust. And he like grabbing it. Probably because it's textured.

And the print: I love this print. It's clean, geometric and goes with everything. It looks like pixels up close, but gives a leafy print from a few meters away. Fun print. Well done, Tekhni!

Newborn or Toddler

I'd say both. Baby Q is 5 months and 17 lbs and I can rock a FWCC and FCC comfortably. And at the moment I wear Baby Q for approximately 8 hours a day. My Diamond weave Girasol's no longer give me the support I'd like in a wrap, but this wrap does. So, I'd say Newborn to Toddler. If you want me to grab the 7 year old next door, wrap him and report on how happy my shoulders are carrying him around - let me know. I'd probably get him to do it. ;)

So, keep or sell/trade

Keep, I'd say keep. :) If you get the chance to try one of the Tekhni wraps with Repreve, do. Just try them out and see if it's for you. 

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